Lark's Head Knot

The Lark's Head Knot is one of the best knots to know and is so easy to use! Sometimes it is called the rubber band knot because you can tie a string of rubber bands together using this knot. It is used on your R&R Hammock as a quick way to detach your under quilt from the hammock on a warm night.  It is also used to attach hardware to dyneema line, if you got snap shackles for your R&R hammock this is the way they are connected to the end of your hammock. They are also used to connect the nylon Snap clip on your continuous ridgeline for your tarp. As you know by now, all R&R Hammock gear is rigged prior to you getting it. That way you can start enjoying a great night's sleep in your new R&R Hammock!

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