Sheet Bend Knot

The Sheet Bend Knot is the most used knot on your R&R Hammock gear! It is also called a Becket Hitch. It's origin comes from sailing, the main sail line was called a main sheet, it was used to quickly connect another line to the main sheet with a loop anywhere in the middle of the line. Very strong when it is under load, but it is very easily untied. It can be tied regular or slippery as a quick release. All great knots have a locking aspect, so when the line is tight they are super strong, when the line is slack it is very easy to untie. You should memorize this knot it will come in handy when you setup on a rainy night. You will be warm and dry in your R&R Hammock and ready for a great night's sleep with bad weather outside. The Sheet Bend is used on your tarp, quilt shock cords and the structural ridgeline on your R&R Hammock. We always rig your R&R Hammock gear before you get it! Really get to know this knot you can thank me later!

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