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We were hammock campers before we started R&R Hammocks. We slept in the backyard, went to group hangs, and bought cheap hammocks online. We found out very quickly after spending countless hours on the internet and YouTube that there are a ton of different ways to hangout in a hammock.

We joined the forums and got some wonderful information from a community that is more than willing to help you out.

Then you start spending your hard earned money. And you start adding stuff, tarps, quilts, and bug nets. You get your new gear and you still can't get everything exactly the way you want it.

So we started thinking, "You don't buy your car pieces at a time? You buy the whole car, Right?"

We decided that our goal should be simple and easy: build a system that a 12 year old could understand, remember and setup in minutes. So we did just that!

We developed Hang and Play technology, which means open the box, find two trees and hang up your new gear! It all comes completely rigged and ready to go right out of the box.

Then we decided, that the plastic packaging should also be useful and not be thrown away. When your R&R Hammock system arrives you will see that it comes in a Trash Compactor bag that you can use later in your backpack to keep your stuff dry. Small items will arrive in a Ziplock bag that you can use later too.

Here is a brief history of my life experience and what influenced the way R&R Hammocks are made.

My first experience of the Appalachian Trail was when I won a 4H trip to Fontana Village, NC in the 1970's and saw my first Thru-Hikers with gigantic framed backpacks who were hiking all the way to Maine.

I graduated college and became a Army Infantry Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. Our battalion went to Panama for Jungle Expert trainging and I slept in a Jungle Hammock for the first time. Our battalion the 3-325th was transferred to Italy, where I learned how to scuba dive and snow ski in the Alps. I learned how to sail and mountain climb. Mountain Biking and road biking was a big part of my life in Europe.

After the Army I moved to South Florida, and have lived here for over 30 years. I have spent countless hours boating, scuba diving, spearfishing and fishing. I was a scuba instructor for many years. I owned a Laser sailboat and loved sailing and racing. I learned how to fly fish and tie my own flies. I became a COPE High Ropes instructor for the Boy Scouts.

You are probably thinking what does this all got to do with hammock camping? Well, it all adds up to the reason our Systems are built the way they are. Many of my life experiences have a common factor, some kind of rope or line and dealing with Mother Nature.

Below you will see a group of knots that are useful for you to learn. If you forget them no worries, they are listed here, on our blog and our YouTube channel for you to reference later.

Sheet Bend Knot

Sheet Bend Knot line drawing




Lark's Head Knot

Larks Head Knot line drawing




 Clove Hitch Knot

Clove Hitch Knot line drawing



 Webbing Overhand Knot






Farrimond Hitch Knot

Farrimond Hitch Knot line drawing




Double Over Hand Stopper Knot

Double Overhand Stopper Knot line drawing




Fisherman's Knot


Fishermans Knot line drawing




Prusik Knot


Prusik knot line drawing




Perfection Loop





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