R&R Guarantee

We are proud to make your hammock camping products by hand in sunny South Florida!

We try to make our gear as light weight as possible without sacrificing durability and function. We try to pick the softest fabrics that will be in direct contact with our hikers' skin. We believe that hammock sleeping is the best recuperation for body and soul after a day or many days on trail. We also want to provide the warmest and lightest options available for our hammock quilts. We want to provide a system that is adaptable to all weather conditions and tree situations. We believe that hammock camping should be easy and fun, and when Mother Nature decides to have her way with you, it should still be easy to setup in the pouring rain and wind. That's why we tested our gear on the Appalachian Trail with a new Thru Hiker who did the entire 2190 miles with our hammock gear! We made changes and improvements after hearing feedback from Cody Adcock our sponsored Thru Hiker and other hikers we spoke to on the AT.

If you have a problem with our gear and you are unhappy, let us know directly and we will make the situation right for you. We expect normal wear and tear and aging on our products and will not be replaced for that reason. But any act of God or fire damage or sparks will not be covered or replaced.

Never hang higher than you are willing to fall and hit the ground. It has happened to me and trust me double check and test before you get into your hammock.

Always look up before you hangup! Dead branches that fall can damage your hammock gear or yourself. If you encounter wind and lightning take the best appropriate measures that you can to stay safe. Be cautious in snow, ice and hail all of these can damage your gear and yourself.

Check your rigging often! Frayed lines and webbing should be replaced if they can't support you while in the hammock. Check your hammock material for holes, rips and punctures. Weak areas in hammock fabric can cause the hammock to fail and not support your weight.

We hope that you enjoy your new R&R Hammock gear and get to enjoy it on many great and exciting adventures! Our motto is easy; Hangout, Rest & Relax!

Richard and Rene' Grissom

Owners of R&R Hammocks, LLC

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