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Mini Line-Lok® 12 Pack

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Holding Power in Miniature! The line tensioner that locks lines securely and is easy to release. Manufactured from a nylon material that improves its performance the colder it gets. The cleat's design locks the rope so it will not slip in windy conditions yet is easy to release. 12 included in pack. We use it on our 2mm line.

Weight per Line-Lok® 0.03oz/0.74g

Customer Reviews

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Luke M
Small light and easy

I’ve been looking at different in line ways to change cord tensioning for my tarp and I haven’t had much success with the ones that came with the tarp. I did research on these and watched a few how-tos to learn how to properly knot them before they arrived but was pleasantly surprised that one already was done as an example. R&R have been helpful with both their gear and giving insightful recommendations and descriptions of other gear they have. An awesome group of people I’ll keep tabs on!

John Cavanaugh
Excellent company

Your gear is top notch and your service is great.I will be a return customer.

Cody Adcock
Simple but effective

These are life so easy. When setting up these make ot so quick and easy rain or shine. These make setting much fast so you can use your time better and enjoy. No point of wasting your day setting up when you can spend it around the fire or sleeping.

These do make life easy! I love that you can leave everything connected to the tarp, and it makes setting up in the rain so simple! Thanks Cody!

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