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Easy Snap Clip 2 Pack

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The Easy Snap Clip is made from thermoplastic nylon. We use them on our continuous ridgeline for our hammock tarps. Makes setup fast, especially on a freezing night with gloves on! We combine them with Prusik loops so adjustment is easy and fast on the ridgeline.

2 Snap Clips included in each pack.

Weight: 0.16oz/4g per clip

Customer Reviews

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Great clips

Set up a ridge line with prusik knot loops on these books. Works great. Easy to setup and disconnect. Tensions tight and stays that way.

Cody Adcock
Great little clips

These clips are perfect for tarp ridgeline there are light and simple to use. They are bug enough to use with gloves or mittens also. Perfect in rain when tieing knots is hard amd your cold and wet.

This is the one thing on our systems that is so simple but amazing! When the weather is total crap and you just want to get out of the weather, your tarp is up quickly and you already start to feel better after a long day on Trail.

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